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The Pedal Inn Weekender: the Bicycle Cookbook for Lovers of Adventure and Good Eating

Enter the Pedal Inn, the bridge between bicycle camping and enjoying your own memorably delicious meals on the road. Avid San Francisco cyclists and cooking enthusiasts Nick and Lindy share their love of adventure and good eating in this original, pocket-sized cookbook for food-loving cyclists everywhere.

Eat well and enjoy the ride! Create Widget. Opus 40 is a legendary quarry built by sculptor and Bard College art professor Harvey Fite. Over nearly four decades, Fite worked to build and restore the art quarry and after his death in , art lovers and historians have continued to visit his work. Ok, so Gaskins is technically in Germantown—about a 30 minute drive from Saugerties—but we simply had to include it.

This spot alone is worth a jaunt to the Hudson Valley. After the original was destroyed by a fire, the historic Saugerties Lighthouse was rebuilt in and then completely reconstructed and restored again in Take in the scenic views on the half-mile nature trail that lead to the lighthouse. Tours of the interior are scheduled on Sunday, otherwise the lighthouse is reserved for the resident lighthouse keeper and overnight guests. A post shared by Wm. The building was purchased and renovated by a married chef and designer who infused the space with Southern charm.

WM Farmer and Sons also has a very alluring watering hole, aptly named Barroom, attached to it.

2. Saugerties

The spot serves cocktails, wine, beer and bites as well as displays photographs and other works by the designers. Two Catskills destinations, Woodstock and Phoenicia are quickly becoming hot spots for those looking to visit boiled down versions of artisanal city. Though not exactly in the Hudson Valley, these booming nearby towns are certainly worth a visit.

LUCY was highly offended when she overheard us discussing whether to take the mountain route over the Crown Range from Wanaka to Queenstown Airport or …. I HELD the tiny angel in the palm my hand, amazed at the intricate detail of the embroidery and the work that must have gone …. In a slow but steady demographic take-over bid, …. So much so, that I find myself …. THE smudge of a sailing ship on the horizon, children from long ago playing with a toy wooden boat, puffs of cloud and seagulls in …. I OFTEN sit on planes having evil thoughts about the passengers who are lucky enough to score window-seats but ignore the view, pulling their window ….

LIKE most patriotic Kiwis, I am loath to praise anything remotely Australian and have, until now, maintained a lofty opinion that no Aussie landscape could …. The topic of construction on coastal and hilly land in the district causes deep furrows to form on Bruce Walters brow. The award-winning Gisborne photo-journalist has been pinching herself daily since receiving the …. WHILE many in the wine industry tear their hair out and suffer sleepless nights over vexatious problems like botrytis, powdery mildew and achieving nil-residue in ….

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Sitting …. THERE are restless spirits on the Chatham Islands, the souls of those who have long since departed but have no marked resting place to call …. Conscious of conserving precious water at our camp in the desert, I decided …. You can tell by the looks on …. TWO crafty Gizzy girls went wild last month, and came home sporting bruises. Cherie Mirko and Mary Davis slipped quietly out of town for a ….

IT WAS a blink, blink, blink moment as I woke up to the sun peeking above the jagged edges of the Remarkables, just above my …. According to the National Influenza Specialist Group, more than , people in New Zealand get influenza every year, and of …. IT'S NOT easy to conduct an interview while you are adjusting the monitor on a baby asleep in a bassinet, cuddling her twin sister on ….

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ONCE upon a time, glasses were a functional piece of apparatus that magnified print or shielded your eyes from the sun. And then along came …. In the Court of Appeal was a senior Crown counsel with all the resources of the state …. WHEN you are born with baby fine straight hair, you spend your life looking longingly at other people with luscious, thick hair and curls.

You …. I HAVE vivid childhood memories of the ghastly green lino in the kitchen, the bright floral carpet in the lounge and the dark wooden floor …. It took 14 years to construct, countless hours sourcing and recycling materials and a considerable amount of money but the pleasure and freedom Les Spicer …. The Victoria University …. WOMEN of a certain age are extraordinarily vulnerable to advertisements inviting them to try the latest new skin cream that will magic away the years ….

It is the first time since leaving their countries of origin that the couple have …. I worked hard all summer to achieve the brownest skin in town and ….

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THE sound of birdsong in the museum startled me. Supermodel Kylie Bax is coming to town to judge …. Kathy Sheldrake was in her early 40s when her heart was first touched by the people of Nepal. The visual impact of his work was staggering. The vibrant colours and …. Our guide warned us to take evasive …. IT was the scarfalanche that did it. My lifetime collection of scarves suddenly decided to vacate their long-time abode and came cascading off the dressing …. The German-born scientist, PhD and former chief of wine research at …. WE set off to the airport bright and early in a high state of excitement, a team of good mates heading to the wedding of ….

She invariably comes home with a new member of the …. The latest was when I was in Morocco.

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He has a huge grin on his face and his eyes …. WHEN Karen Staples gets home from a busy day at work, she reaches for her knitting needles and a ball of merino wool. Factor in a smallish home renovation that ended up a major project with …. IN AN era when many organisations are languishing due to lack of membership and interest, one local group appears to have found the formula for …. I never cease to be amazed at the many modest, undiscovered geniuses …. IAN Smail gets excited when he sees a set of cast-iron wheels, the older and rustier the better.

For him such wheels hold enormous potential ….

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  4. JILL Hudson was just 14 months old when she was diagnosed with polio. At first the family doctor suspected she had sympathy pains as her …. Emily arrives in the kitchen well-prepared. JOHN Kyngdon has a thing about birds. He has thousands of photographs of more than species shot in Borneo, the Galapagos Islands, Antarctica, North …. Big kids have teamed up with little kids in a DIY garden project which has become a model of collaborative learning, reaping benefits far beyond ….

    The dry desert air transformed my skin into scales a crocodile would have been proud of. Amy Spence got a phone call at 5pm on July LeaderBrand needed 24, food samples to give away at their stand at the Auckland …. People of Potae Ave — deep within the dark recesses behind your walls and ceilings and under your floorboards, you may have an undiscovered masterpiece …. I travelled undercover in Morocco. Being a bit of a wuss, I was a little concerned about developments in North Africa and the Middle East.

    THE last massage I had was in Taipei. It was supposed to have been a treat for my hard-working feet but it turned out to …. THE year-old is a modest, quiet young man but his achievements speak volumes. Huia won the Ruanuku award, the coveted top prize of the ….