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Non-standard varieties 26 Dialect vs. Language politics and language policies in Europe 29 Minorities, language politics and language planning in Europe Darquennes, Jeroen Pages House, Juliane Pages Research traditions in Europe 45 Research traditions up to and including the 18th century McLelland, Nicola Pages Index of languages and varieties Pages Index of names Pages Index of subjects Pages General note: By using the comment function on degruyter.

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AREALLINGUISTIK - Definition and synonyms of Areallinguistik in the German dictionary

The Andean dialects Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia are considered the most conservative and least affected by English. At the same time, there is also the Sprachbund theory which says that languages in certain geographical regions often have shared lexical, syntactic and grammatical features, even many of the same proverbs.

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Very interesting! But what makes you or the theory think that Dutch is in the same Sprachbund as Spanish, Portuguese, French, English and the Celtic languages?!

The Languages and Linguistics of Europe

Brennes, I've done some quick research it appears that information about 'Sprachbundes' is pretty rare online , and it seems that a Sprachbund is; ''A Sprachbund German for language union also known as linguistic area, convergence area, diffusion area is a group of languages that have become similar in some way because of geographical proximity. They may be genetically unrelated or only distantly related, but where genetic affiliations are unclear the Sprachbund characteristics might give a false appearance of relatedness.

But really I don't see where Dutch fitts in :- I mean, it's only related to English with mostly superfacial similarities and the word order is totally different from English ,the Romance and Celtic languages. Do you have more information on this? How are the Celtic languages and Spanish any more related to each other than Dutch is to either?

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American nic, It's believed that the Latin and Celtic languages have had a common ancestor. Or were at least very closely related about years ago, in the sense that a Roman could with effort understand a Gaul.

Les Murmures du passé (French Edition)

We must not forget that the Celtic languages were once spoken from France to Turkey and Belgium to Italy. Trawick, I'm no expert in Spanish, but "tener que" is a basic construction in all forms of Spanish, as far as I know, and is not a loan from English. More options … Overview Contact Persons. Overview Aims and Scope Conceptually, the volume focuses on the relationship of the three key notions that essentially triggered the inception and subsequent realization of this project, to wit, language contact, grammaticalization, and areal grouping.

Ode to Joy - Anthem of European Union (English/German lyrics)

Comments 0 Please log in or register to comment. General note: By using the comment function on degruyter. Examples of use in the German literature, quotes and news about Areallinguistik. Der Ostseeraum als linguistisches Areal ist von besonderem Interesse. Andrea-Eva Ewels, Areallinguistik der Umgangssprache. Areallinguistik und Linguistik.