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There were so many things that I had to let go and change in my life because they were not from God and of God. The closer I came to His glory, the more I had to realign myself to His heart. In that journey of realignment and being hungry for Him, I discovered new things every day about who I am, who God is, and how He speaks. Through prayer meeting, you find a community that you can grow with.

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You see the same faces on Wednesday and Thursday prayer meetings, other than Friday and Sunday. It made attending Sunday services even nicer because you get to see those people you are comfortable with and also serve along your family. And after joining Prayer Meetings, devotions with Him became a daily adventure for me.

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Through my personal time with God, I started experiencing His love in ways I never did before. When you know who God is and understand His love and nature, you will carry His heart and love Him in return. How can I serve you, and in what way can I serve you that you have set for me? How am I supposed to grow as a person?

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It was through prayer meeting that I found my identity in Christ, and that has helped me to love myself and be secure in who I am. I never thought or imagined that I would be where I am today with God. YM is a place where people accepted and believed in me. My life has changed for the better, and I am very blessed to have a community where I belong. I found my identity in God through YM.

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All Posts Search. You can see this article in its original format here. The first time I visited Paray-le-Monial I arrived in late morning and it was raining.

Profiles of Faith: David - A Man After God's Heart

We had travelled through the French countryside from Ars. The small town of Paray-le-Monial had a quiet, understated charm.

Like Ars, it was a place of pilgrimage but somehow remained unspoiled. Some churches have a formal beauty. The ancient basilica was quite different; it invited you to pray. The image of the Sacred Heart can be found in many of our churches. Fashions in devotions change as they do in everything else.

The Church, however, has a faith-memory; it can keep important truths and insights alive and renew them. This should not surprise us. The devotion is more than a series of prayers and practices. It is something experienced and contemplated. It is nothing less than our participation in the redemptive love of God made real in the person of his Son, Jesus Christ. In the Heart of Jesus, the centre of Christianity is set before us. It expresses everything, all that is genuinely new and revolutionary in the new covenant.


This heart calls to our heart. It invites us to step forth out of the futile attempt of self-preservation and, by joining in the task of love, by handing ourselves over to him and with him, to discover the fullness of love which alone is eternity and which alone sustains the world.

David - A Man After God's Heart

Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, is a real person. He has a heart.

Commendations for "Choosing Love":

This is the most challenging and consoling thing about him. The person of Jesus haunts and pushes us beyond our limits into new realms of thinking and existing. With him we always have to begin anew. With Jesus it is always personal; we always have to begin in either response to or refusal of the encounter. We cannot slip or evade the personal relationship that his person requires of us.

This is the meaning of the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is always a personal, affective, devotional relation with the whole of Jesus, contained in the image of his heart alive with love. We cannot look upon the wounded heart of Jesus without encountering a love that is so completely human. The humanity of Christ is before us in all its vulnerability and strength. The image of the Sacred Heart offers a deep intimacy and like all such relationships we may long for it but it can frighten us.

To be so exposed and so committed and, of course, so vulnerable. Yet, the Sacred Heart of Jesus is also a waiting heart. In it we can experience something of the patient, generous love of God which will not coerce or threaten us. The love in the heart of Christ seeks only our love, and what good is a love that is not freely given? From our own experience with others we know that this intimacy can be fleeting even when we desire it. The Sacred Heart — his heart — is the unchanging guarantee of a love that waits for us, that makes a home for us, for all that we are and all that we carry.

His heart is a sanctuary for us. The heart of Christ is an open heart. All can find their place in it for all have a place in it.

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When we allow ourselves to be drawn to that love, we find that we are also drawn beyond ourselves to a greater, deeper love, especially those whose own heart is wounded. Then we begin to understand the beauty and mystery of the Sacred Heart that is itself wounded.

It is also the mark of truth.

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This heart is no symbol of a false love. We see here the consequences of our sin and that calls us into a greater truth. It also creates in us a greater freedom.