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Thanks for the list! Great article. Such each point is very important and very helpful. Government Job. I am embracing the thought as a reminder to continue doing much of what I am already doing and seek to improve on the things that have become a challenge. Above points are essential for successful teachers. That pretty much determines the rest. I was pleased to actually see I do about half of these consistently.

The rest something to aspire to! She exhibited many of these qualities.

I have since tracked her down on facebook and thanked her. Still a great and caring lady. You failed to list the most important one of all. Neutering teachers so they are incapable of providing discipline in the classroom is the greatest failing of American schools. Teacher evaluation systems list skills that teachers should master to become successful. I wonder how many of these systems try to measure the characteristics of successful teachers you list.

Challenges of Teaching Large Classes

And I thoroughly agree with this list being most important in having students succeed. My only comment is that this list does not go into specifics about the kind of instructional strategies a successful teach might use. But, a teacher with these traits will clearly employ strategies that actively engage students in their learning. A good list but open collaboration with other experts within the school setting is missing.

Teaching was never a do it yourself role and opening your doors to others like school librarians, if you have one, would have an impact on your students. Successful teachers never give up on a child! Successful teachers let each child know that they care about them and value them as human beings! You hope and pray that you are making a difference even when class groupings are set up to fail and when little or no support is available for your special needs kids on a consistent basis.

As a teacher that strives to use many of the techniques mentioned, the article is greatly appreciated. Plural vs possessive. Thursday, November 21, Home Teaching.

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October 6, Share Pin Tweet. Why Teachers Need One Another. Related Posts. November 21, November 20, Please Login to comment. Notify of. Vote Up 6 Vote Down. Vote Up 2 Vote Down. View Replies 1. Cynthia Sanico. Vote Up 1 Vote Down. Rita Santo. Wendy DeVries. George Machenerii. Missed the most important one… Teachers know their students.

Everything else is secondary. Hiren P Bhatt. Stella Hlad. All of that has been employed in my teaching…………Nicely put………….. Susan MacLellan. Lola B. Will they use English for further education? Will they need to take standardized tests to get into college? Focus on academic English. Will they assimilate into an English-speaking culture?

Tips for Teaching Multiple Preps

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2. Integrate social media and technology.

Partnerships Interested in sharing your language learning resource with our audience? All Rights Reserved. Anxiety: Some teachers feel anxious being so outnumbered by the students.

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In addition, some students are afraid to ask questions or participate in a large class. Student needs: Meeting individual needs can be difficult or impossible when class size is very large. Marking: Grading assignments and tests can be very time consuming, and your pay will generally be the same for a smaller class. Distractions: There are more distractions for teachers in large classes, such as latecomers and people chatting while you are teaching. Preparation: Making photocopies for a large class can be very time consuming.

Other teachers may be bothered by how much time you spend using the photocopier. Noise level: Large classes can become out of hand when students are working in pairs or groups. At times you may feel more like a disciplinarian than a teacher.

The Joy in Teaching High School

Monitoring students: Teachers may find it difficult to keep students on task as they monitor pair and group work. Space: There is limited space in a classroom for energetic activities such as role-playing. Textbooks and resources: There may not be enough textbooks or computers available for all students. Strategies for Coping with Large Classes Use a teacher's notebook: Attach a small notebook and pen to your belt loop.

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Take notes while you are monitoring pair or group learning. Review common errors as a whole group after an activity is complete. Spread out: Find another space that your class can use for energetic whole group activities. Find a lobby or spare classroom in the building that your students can spread out into when they are preparing a project or performance. Take students outside if there is no indoor space available. Create a participation grade: Make homework and attendance count by doing regular checks and making it part of their final grade. Giving a daily exam tip also encourages attendance.

Encourage competition: Establish a fun and competitive atmosphere within the class, by dividing the class into teams. You may change the teams once in a while or leave them the same throughout a semester.