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I really miss him a lot. She thought of happy things. Henrietta laughed. Henrietta and her friend looked at it. Their eyes met.

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Henrietta shrugged. Her friend sighed and hugged her close and Henrietta cried daisies, bluebells, and lemongrass. I am very tired , she thought on the walk home, and extremely sad. She crossed the bridge to her small apartment with its small rooms and small furniture.

This seemed like an extraordinary plan. She watched six hours of self—help videos on the internet. She liked listening to people who seemed to know everything. They made her feel confident in her ability to recover. They thought that grief was a symptom of a deeper problem: the ability to accept fate. She had to agree with them.

Nature can only be controlled for so long, though, and the flowers came out in other ways. One day, Henrietta filed taxes, and carnations poured out of her hand, and she washed the dishes and a rose bloomed in her hair. She plucked it out, but it grew back the next day, and tulips grew along her neck. Henrietta cried roses and daffodils and marigolds and rosemary. She sweated violets on her elbows and dahlias on her back.

She tore them out, but it stung, and she bled, and she curled up on the examination table and cried even more. Henrietta waited for her bus in the rain. It was a soft rain with a low rumbling thunder, and the college students covered their heads with newspapers or backpacks while they waited, but Henrietta just took it in. She thought she might have died that day—as she did the laundry or cleaned the sink—or maybe she died on Wednesday when she took the elevator to the third floor of the office. There was no way to tell. She imagined a giant Venus flytrap inside her, spreading its roots, destroying everything.

Are you happy now? She thought. Are you happy, body?

Henrietta Isbell Wadsworth

She wept. One of the students noticed the petals falling down her cheeks. Henrietta thought this seemed incredibly wise. The next night she asked for six lilies on her shoulder, and when she woke, she found six lilies budding on her shoulder. Finally she had some control. She determined to become so good at conjuring flowers, she could create them anywhere and whenever she wanted.

She gave up making the flowers disappear since it never seemed to work, but she could make them grow whenever and however she wanted. She grew daffodils in her hair and roses along her side. She told herself she was happy. The bed became her favorite place. Calvin told her he missed her. He told her he missed their dad and mom.

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When he opened the bedroom door, he found his sister covered in flowers and very pale. They watched a movie about orphans making it on their own in the big city. In the end, the girl orphan scored the lead of this Broadway production and her brother became a producer. We met with a number of mothers who had walked for hours to bring their children to a clinic. The children were malnourished, and the mothers were able to stay there with them for a week to get their children nourishment.

But they did not have a way to change the problems they faced at home, which meant they would be back again in several months. In short-term crises, there are also longer-term development needs that we must address so that people can be self-sufficient. FORE: Well, first and most important, a very deep and heartfelt thank-you to all the Rotarians who have raised funds and raised awareness about polio.

There would not be the enormous success of the polio programs without Rotary. We need to finish the job.

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If we can get more health services integrated into polio eradication efforts, it will be a very important way for us to reach out in poor communities, particularly in Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan, where the virus is still endemic. Will you start by focusing on specific regions? Within those countries, there are very specific geographic areas that need this help. They tend to be rural villages. They tend to be led by elders who are not part of the government or the general federal system.

We do not have medical clinics in these villages; no one does. We want them voluntarily coming to us. Have you seen this approach have a positive impact? FORE: The initiative aims to help improve the overall health and well-being of children as well as increase polio vaccination coverage in these communities. Aiming for polio eradication means every child must be vaccinated, and polio workers must reach every village no matter what.

However, we strongly believe that it will contribute to wider vaccine acceptance. This initiative was born out of the experience, faced by polio workers, of angry and often desperate mothers and fathers in underserved areas demanding basic services for their children beyond the polio vaccine. Or is it more often bringing in short-term health services?


FORE: The package of services depends on the need in the community. For example, in some districts in Kandahar and Helmand provinces in Afghanistan, we are constructing water supply networks to deliver safe drinking water and a sewerage system. In other districts, we are expanding nutrition services to treat severe acute malnutrition among children and providing health services for mothers.

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  8. In southern Pakistan, we are renovating and equipping a labor room at a community health center while also expanding maternal health and nutrition services in several districts. The initiative is also investing in opening informal education centers in certain areas in Pakistan with high numbers of out-of-school children.

    TR: You also are a champion of a new initiative called Generation Unlimited. Can you describe that?

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    FORE: Right now, 10 million young people around the world turn 18 every month. She married David Lacks, a fellow worker and cousin, and the couple later moved to Baltimore in search of work. After giving birth to her fifth child, Joe, Henrietta revealed that she was suffering serious bleeding. She was examined by doctors at Johns Hopkins — the only hospital in the area that treated black patients — and was eventually diagnosed with cervical cancer.

    Gay had been trying for decades to find ways to keep human tumour cells alive in test tubes so that he and other researchers could use them to uncover the causes of cancer and various illnesses.

    In the past these techniques had failed. However, Henrietta's cancer cells proved to be highly aggressive and capable of division at an extraordinary rate.

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