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15 Equestrians Pick the Best Books for Young Horse Lovers

So Danny settles for slavish devotion to the horse calls Big Red, working as his groom while developing a frankly unhealthy attachment to the racehorse. Danny wanted to be a part of something big, something that transcended the grubby realities of horse racing and adulthood. In his crabby, anxious desire, Danny might as well have been a little girl. Allison Williams is a senior editor at Seattle Met magazine, guidebook author, and journalist. But very few endeared themselves to me as much as the Thoroughbred series did. A chapter series which, might I add, still holds up a dozen years later.

I still have my copies. What of it?

A Blind Horse and His Best Friend

The series starts with Ashleigh, whose family lives and works on a Thoroughbred horsebreeding farm. She does all the things normal people do — go to school, deal with family issues — while helping around the farm while she can. Who she then trains. And, you know, goes on to be an amazingly awesome racehorse.

At first, it was the beautiful description of Beauty, the coal-black horse with the white star and gentle disposition that drew me in. I so longed to ride Beauty, the spunky pony Merrylegs, or even poor, misunderstood and misused Ginger. As I started riding, I learned from John Manly and Joe and Jerry Barker about how wonderful it was just to be around horses in the barn, to care for them and smell like them and endlessly brush them.

The thing that to this day brings tears to my eyes and makes me wish I could go back in time and write a fan-girl letter to Ms.

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The fact that this book, this lovely, anthropomorphic love letter to horses, directly led to a change in equine welfare and reduced the mistreatment of horses. That is why I would gift Black Beauty to every young would-be rider. It shows the good, the bad, and the indifferent in the world of horses — but mostly it shows how rewarding it is to treat these generous, lovely animals with love, kindness, and respect.

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She lives in Virginia. These days were the best time a non-sporty kid could have in the gym, which smelled like popcorn, not plastic balls and kid-feet.

Now, [redacted number] years later, I had to work hard to remember the name of the boy in The Black Stallion. Alec, though, was irrelevant to a girl who just. I bargained. I pled.

Giddy Up, Readers! The Best Horse Books for Kids Ages 8 - 12 | Brightly

I had had to research the pet I did get a gerbil , so I researched horses. I was sure one would be fine on our three country acres. But the closest I got to horse ownership was horse camp which is not very close at all. For a week each summer, I went to a YMCA camp, mumbling my way through morning songs, bumbling through crafts, just waiting to get back to the barn. This, sadly, was not how it worked.

The Black was always going to get rescued, brought back to civilization to race again. But for a little while, it was just him and Alec and a bright stretch of sand. In second grade, I was still two years shy of the minimum age to start taking lessons at the stable where military kids in my town went to learn to ride. As I counted down the days minutes? My bedroom shelves contained only two things: Breyer model horses and books about ponies.

A Good Horse Story That Will Hook You Right Away

The story features Chip, a colt who is beloved by his farm family, until a new foal is born and he has to share the spotlight. Chip has to learn a tough lesson about there being enough room and love for everyone, and being a good role model for the new little guy. Several stories about the circumstances of her death at age 67 in originated in the years following her death. An urban legend claims that she died as a result of her attempting sexual intercourse with a stallion —the story holds that the harness holding the horse above her broke, and she was crushed.

However, it most likely began due to unfounded bawdy tales. The fact that this particular urban legend did not even emerge until several decades after her death, and that the legend has no clear source, should make it clear that this is no more than an urban legend that managed to gain popularity.

Another story claiming that she died on the toilet when her seat broke under her [ citation needed ] is true only in small part; she did collapse in a bathroom from a stroke , but after that she died while being cared for in her bed. This tale was widely circulated and even jokingly referred to by Aleksandr Pushkin in one of his untitled poems. An urban legend states that an erotic cabinet was ordered by Catherine the Great, and was adjacent to her suite of rooms in Gatchina.

According to said urban legend; the furniture was highly eccentric with tables that had large penises for legs. Penises and vulvas were carved out on the furniture, the walls were covered in erotic art, statues of a naked man and woman inside, and some versions of the legend state that some erotic artifacts from Pompeii were even brought into Russia to augment this collection. There are unconfirmed reports of photographs of this cabinet.

The rooms and the furniture were allegedly seen in by two Wehrmacht officers during the Nazi Invasion of The Soviet Union, but even if that were true, the rooms and furniture seem to have vanished since then. This account is "dodgy" , "sketchy" , and "dubious" at the very best [ citation needed ]. The account says the Wehrmacht officers filed a report, but no report has ever been found, nor are any other records from anyone from before, during, or after the Second World War; other than the aforementioned legend.

Life in the saddle - from wild brumbies of the high country to trusty stock horses of the outback and from drovers to dressage riders - a collection of heart-warming tales for horse-lovers.

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Great Australian Horse Stories was published in Her most recent book, Women of Spirit , was released in May A horse-owner and horse- lover, Anne has ridden everywhere from the Victorian High Country to Patagonia to the deserts of Morocco. She lives in country Victoria where she rides a small mare with a lot of attitude called Poppy.

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