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At the end of the day, take a look at what people have said. If the response has been overwhelmingly positive, then you have yourself a validated idea. Google Keyword Planner not only lets me know how interested people are in this particular business idea, but also different angles I can take as well. Another way is to browse Amazon and eBay and take a look at what the top sellers are. If you can find a similar product or competitor on there, even better. Be sure to take a look at the reviews as well and see what complaints people have if there any.

This is valuable information because it can help inform you in all the different ways you can do your version better. Every great business in the world starts off as an idea, but not all great ideas will necessarily turn into great businesses. Has this guide been helpful to you? What business ideas did you come up with in the end? Tell us in the comments below!

2. Do Things to Help Develop Your Mind and Idea

About Jonathan Chan. Jonathan Chan now spends his time helping other startups with their marketing and branding and can be found loving and writing about anything and everything to do with startups, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Connect with Jonathan on LinkedIn. I have stepped into the business world for the first time and was really looking for some neat and crisp advice on the overall gist of a business actually works. Great work. Love this article. How commercial kingpin Richard Branson got to afford his own island.

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Find some problems One of the best places to find inspiration for a profitable business idea is to simply look for some problems. The startup costs alone are astronomical Simply take a look at your own life for starters, and see if you can find any pain points that you wish could be solved. What are you interested in? Step 2. Start by creating three columns, one around each of these criteria. Ask yourself questions like: What would I sell this product or service for? Realistically speaking, how much can I make per month with this?

How large of a market is there?

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Ask yourself questions like: Are there any legal hoops that I might need to jump through? Can I realistically devote time to this? How much will this cost me to start up? So ask yourself questions like: Can I talk about this all day with a friend on a Saturday morning? Would I consider myself an expert on this?

Four Steps to Turn Your Idea Into a Business - The Simple Dollar

Realistically speaking, can this be something that fulfils me? Step 3.

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Step 4. Customer Relationships This is how your customer is going to interact with your brand. Key Activities This describes what needs to happen in order for your business to run successfully. Key Resources What resources do you need to make your key activities happen?

Find your market niche The potential success of a product or service involves a myriad of factors, including the design, features, potential profit margin and sales volume projections. New product lines that are absolutely new to the market and enable you to create your own niche, revolutionize or create markets. Repositioned products, that uncover new applications for your products or new customers for current products. Products that copy those produced by others, but where there is a market for many competing versions. Use the following quick checklist when defining your market niche.

What are the needs of your prospective customers? Ask yourself: How will your business meet those needs? Identify unmet needs.

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What are your customer's desires? A market need could also be a deficiency, for example, a product that lacks post-sales service. What problems does your product or service solve? Does it make your customer's life simpler? Who exactly are my target customers?

How to Start a Small Business: 6 Steps From Idea to Success

Why do my customers buy? How do my customers define value? What makes my product or service superior to that of my competitors? Why do my prospective customers buy from my competitors? Present your idea with a strong business plan Take your creative thinking and put it on paper. Get yourself a mentor Getting a business off the ground is not an easy task. It's putting those ideas into action that's difficult. Assess Impact We encourage everyone on the team to come up with ideas that get discussed in our weekly meeting. Map out Each Stage We are constantly tossing around new ideas, so to determine what we want to test versus what may not be feasible, we first map out each stage of the process and what is really going to be required from each department: IT, customer service, warehousing, purchasing getting a true cost to implement it.

Fire Bullets We use the Jim Collins approach of firing bullets before cannon balls. Call 10 Customers We frequently consider introducing new products, website changes and other ideas. Critique It Too often, when we have a good idea, we look for people to validate it. Gather Data Before I start asking customers and even before I bounce the idea off my team, I first gather some basic data to vet the idea internally with myself. Find Customers Search for customer validation. Starting or Growing a Business?

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