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The other method is nomination by a member of Congress generally at the request of a constituent and approval by a special act of Congress. In either case, the Medal of Honor is presented by the President on behalf of the Congress.

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In American history, 3, Medals of Honor have been awarded. There are fewer than 80 Medal of Honor recipients living today.

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What is Visions of Valor? What is The Medal of Honor? We keep it through personal responsibility. Freedom is the flip-side of responsibility.

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The Silver Star For distinguished gallantry in action against an enemy of the United States or while serving with friendly forces against an opposing enemy force. The Silver Star is the third highest military award designated solely for heroism in combat. Established in as the Citation Star, in it was redesignated as a medal with a retroactive provision that allowed servicemen as far back as the Spanish-American War to receive it for gallant actions.

Distingushed Flying Cross For heroism or extraordinary achievement in aerial flight.

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Established in and made retroactive for actions after , the first recipient of the DFC was Charles A. The Distinguished Flying Cross can be awarded for achievements in aviation as demonstrated by these three recipients, or for heroism in aerial combat. The Bronze Star For heroic or meritorious achievement of service, not involving aerial flight in connection with operations against an opposing armed force.

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Authorized on February 4, the Bronze Star Medal is awarded to members of all branches of military service and may be awarded either for combat heroism or for meritorious service. The Purple Heart Awarded for wounds or death as result of an act of any opposing armed force, as a result of an international terrorist attack or as a result of military operations while serving as part of a peacekeeping force.

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It was awarded to the first soldier or Centurion to force his way into an enemy's palisade. Corona Muralis Wall Was made of gold and decorated with turrets. It was awarded to the first soldier or Centurion who got over the walls and into a besieged city.

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Corona Civica Was made of oak leaves and acorns. It was awarded to a soldier who saved another's life in battle: "To have preserved the life of a Roman citizen in battle, slain his opponent, and maintained the ground on which the action took place.

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Corona Graminea Grass or Obsidionalis Siege The rarest of honors, was given to a Legate who broke the siege of a beleaguered Roman army. The wreath was made out of grasses gathered from the site where the siege had been lifted. It was presented to the general by the army he had rescued.

Other awards given strictly to officers and seemed more likely to be ceremonial as a recognition of a term of service rather than for some act of valor:. Hasta Pura Was a spear, possibly with a silver shaft, but without the iron tip for use in combat. Was awarded to the Primus Pilus possibly upon completion of service. Vexillum This award was a little miniature standard mounted on a silver base.

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