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This book fulfills the need for an objective, clinically relevant source to dispel this confusion. Clinical Child Psychiatry is a textbook of current clinical practice in child and adolescent psychiatry.

Dr. Heather Spain - Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

It is designed as a reference for clinicians that is both easily usable and authoritative, a "chairside" reference for the consultation room. This book addresses a defined series of clinical entities that represent the bulk of current treatment modalities and disorders encountered in 21st century practice. It is authoritative in the areas addressed while at the same time being rapidly accessible in format.

To facilitate access, it presents disorders in declining order of frequency. The authors believe that worthwhile clinical work must be informed by both evidence-based practice and by psychiatry's traditional attention to internal and interpersonal dynamics.

They are committed to an approach that is broadly biopsychosocial while based on current clinical evidence for a pragmatic, clinical focus. The book is divided into four sections. The first, Fundamentals of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Practice, addresses assessment, treatment modalities, and planning. Common Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders and Developmental Disorders cover the diagnosis and treatment of the large majority of disease entities encountered in practice.

The final section, Special Problems in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, includes a variety of topics such as foster care and adoption, loss and grief, and forensics. New evidence relating to the areas of depression, psychosis, trauma. New insights from genetics, genomics, and proteomics cleverly integrated into chapters on the individual disease with focus on their clinical application.

Third Edition

New chapter on consultation and collaboration within systems of care. The book addresses a need for clinicians, many of whom are beginners, non-psychiatrists, or psychiatrists entering unfamiliar territory, to come up to speed rapidly in providing more than perfunctory service to needy populations.

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Current Issue. Jan - Vol 25 , Issue 1. Stronger than your voices: A cognitive behavioral therapy for youth suffering from auditory ver Nov - OnlineFirst. Video games use in childhood and adolescence: Social phobia and differential susceptibility to How do Syrian refugee children in Turkey perceive relational factors in the context of their me Obstacles and facilitators of therapeutic alliance among adolescents with anorexia nervosa, the Abnormal body weight and food-related behavior in school-aged children as measured by the Child Sep - OnlineFirst.

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The Science of Well-Being: Integration into Clinical Child Psychiatry.

Mental health delivery in schools and the NHS long-term plan. Oct - Vol 24 , Issue 4. Not a fad: Nonsuicidal self-injury and suicide attempts. Effortful control and attention as predictors of cognition in children born preterm.

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Exploring the perspectives of adolescents. Oct - Vol 23 , Issue 4.

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Apr - Vol 24 , Issue 2. Animal-assisted psychotherapy: A unique relational therapy for children and adolescents.

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Jan - Vol 22 , Issue 1. Single-case designs refer to a methodological approach that can be used to-investigate the efficacy of treatment with the individual patient. The designs permit scientifically valid inferences to be drawn about the effects of treatment and hence offer advantages over alternative strategies such as the uncontrolled case study or open study that are used with the individual case. The present article discusses the need for and utility and requirements of single-case designs in clinical child psychiatry.

The underlying rationale and essential characteristics are presented and illustrated in several clinical cases.