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How do I use shared activities in my classroom? What is Quia? How do I start a trial on Quia? See all tutorials. There are activities. Only the first are shown. Click here to see all of them.

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Refine your search:. Schultz Mrs. Kaleidoskop K. Komm Mit! Accelerated Mach's Gut 2 many Zickzack 1 zickzack neu 1 Zickzack neu 2 zickzack neu 3 Zickzack neu 3. Kapitel 6 ZikZak 1. Add an activity to your account and assign it to your class by clicking the icon. How can I add my activity to this list? Match up the numbers. Logo 1, Mod 1, Unit 1 - Zahlen.

PDF Bei Anruf Liebe: Digital Edition (German Edition)

Days of the Week, Months and Seasons. Frau Kranich. Deutsch Aktuell Chapter 1 regular verbs.

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Practice conjugating regular verbs. Earn coins for each correct answer.

How much can you earn? Akkusative: Ein, Eine, Einen Indefinite article. First decide if the noun is masculine, feminine, or neuter. Then choose the correct accusative indefinite article from the pull down menu. This quiz contains 20 questions. Relative pronouns in German.


See if you can add the correct relative pronouns into these sentences. This quiz contains 10 questions. Beginner's Conjugation of German Verbs. Frau Shultz. Accusative German Prepositions and Phrases. Which word for 'you' do you need to use in German for these categories?

Year 10 - Wann hast du Geburtstag? Play battleships to learn the German dates. Perfect tense using ich,du,er,sie only. Win a million euros. How well do you know the colours in German? Hank Schwab.

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Put these numbers in order, from smallest to largest. Can you pass this test and become a German citizen? Match the sentences with modal verbs from the English to German! Practice on German numbers 20 - A challenge for one or two players about German clock-times. Practice the irregular verbs in the simple past tense.

Dative Prepositions, Definitions, and Phrases. Try your skill with the games that use the vocabulary on p. School supplies, classes, likes, dislikes, and favorites. Over 50 terms!